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We are the NASDAQ of the music industry. A centralized location where value is exchanged for value. Fans are always investing their time, money, energy and emotions into their favorite artist. Why not get paid for it? 

Our platform enables independent artists to be invested in like a stock and lets fans get an ROI. Artist can now tap into their closest investors (their fans) while still having independence and creative control 



Think of your favorite investing app. Robinhood for example. Fans can choose their favorite artists and buy their stock in order to support or just ride the wave of a trending artists career. An artist will have visibility into key metrics that make their price fluctuate such as streaming info social media engagement, concerts and other meta data. You can even start a campaign in order to get funding for an album or hold a competition to see where your next concert will be.
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An App with a Mission

It's time to give the power back to the people with a whole new revenue stream for artists and fans that complement the existing business models in the music industry. Our mission is to reward fans for their support and also enable artists to tap into extra funds that is waiting to be utilized.

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What Did You Think? Want to join the movement?

If you are an artist or investor wanting to participate or have feedback feel free to reach out! We are also looking for anyone from business folks to developers to join the movement.


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